When You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Long Island

The end of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life, but it can be especially tough for a couple living in the busy, vibrant city of New York. With the help of a professional divorce attorney, however, these proceedings can be handled with minimal stress and worry.

When You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Long Island

The first step toward getting a divorce in New York is to file the necessary paperwork with the court. You can either file a "summons with notice" or a "summons and complaint," though an attorney may be able to recommend which form is best for your case.

When you have filed your papers, it is crucial to serve them on your spouse. This can be done personally or by a process server. You must also complete an affidavit of service to ensure that your spouse receives your papers in the manner that they are required to receive them.

Once your papers are served, it is usually a relatively quick process. This is especially true if you have agreed to an uncontested divorce.

A typical contested divorce in Suffolk County can take between twelve and eighteen months to finalize. This includes the time it takes for the documents to be filed, reviewed by a judge, and signed off on. During this period, lawyer will be working to prepare and present your case to the judge. Will be arguing the facts of your case in order to gain the most favorable outcome possible.

Horn & Horn.ESQS divorce lawyer will also be defending your interests in other matters, such as custody of the children and financial support payments. Having an attorney on your side can make the difference between a favorable settlement and a costly trial.

If you have questions about the legal aspects of a Long Island divorce, or need assistance with any other issues, don't hesitate to contact Horn & Horn.ESQS for a free consultation. Our divorce attorneys have years of experience navigating the complexities of family law and ensuring that our clients are well- represented throughout the entire process.

The cost of a divorce in Long Island can vary widely, depending on how complex your situation is and how quickly you are able to settle your differences. The more involved the issues you are fighting over, the more time and effort your attorney will need to work on your case.

A no-fault divorce is a type of divorce in which neither party has to prove that they are at fault for the breakdown of their marriage. This is a popular option for couples who are looking to save money and avoid costly litigation.

There are a few other types of divorces as well, including an annulment and a judicial separation. An annulment is a legal ending to your marriage that doesn't involve a court, while a separation involves a formal agreement between you and your spouse.

It is not uncommon for couples to get married for many years before they eventually decide that the relationship is no longer healthy and needs to be ended. This can occur when a couple is not in a committed relationship, or if they have been divorced before and are now trying to rebuild their relationship. Alternatively, it can also happen when one partner is seeking to end their relationship after having been cheated on or abused.


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